Individual Apple Reviews

Individual Apple Reviews

A fruit blog featuring reviews of individual apples.
Text August 12, 2014 • 3 notes

Today’s Pink Lady Apple

Looks ok. Only red on one half, but the red half is very red.

It has one hideous blemish. Overall held up for having rolled around in my bag for a while.

Tastes pretty good. Good flavor levels. Not strong, but good. And acceptable crispness. Not very juicy, but that’s ok.

I rate this apple “s’all right” on Not Honeycrisp scale.

Video August 10, 2014

6 Foods You’re Eating Wrong

Not sure how I feel about this… I like not wasting any precious apple, but…


Polish Apple Farmers Hammered By Russian Import Ban | Business | The Moscow Times

Text August 7, 2014 • 1 note

Today’s Pink Lady Apple

Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) apples were on sale. yay!

Kinda narrow, but some good color on it. The sticker is kinda hard to get off. grr.

um. This Cripps is not crisp.


What are ya gonna do?

Still acceptable for eating. Not very juicy. Flavor ok, if mild. Pretty sweet.

I rate this apple “mushy but ok, I guess” on the Not Honeycrisp scale.

Text August 7, 2014 • 1 note

Yesterday’s Jazz Apple

Quite red. Looks a little dried out… maybe it’s a little old.

Acceptable crisp levels. Not really crisp, but not completely un-crisp.

Not very juicy, but ok. Flavor is not bad, but not as strong as the other Jazz apples.

Not really wowing me here, apple. But satisfactory apple performance.

I rate this apple “acceptable” on the Not Honeycrisp scale.

Photo August 3, 2014 • 2 notes

Dark Rye: Let's Drink Already

Article with video and photos about Argus Cidery, making fine ciders from Texas apples. mmm.

Video August 2, 2014

Argus Cidery

When Wes Mickel was 15, he made his first batch of hard cider with some store-bought apple juice and a little packet of yeast from his mom’s spice cabinet, striking a balance between his interest in science and getting buzzed. In July 2010, he started production for Argus Cidery, turning his hobby into a career that currently markets five varieties of hard cider to Austin and beyond. His dry and crisp ciders are the first to be made wholly from Texas apples and native yeast.


Text August 2, 2014 • 2 notes

Yesterday’s Jazz Apple

Looks pretty good. Quite red! It has a couple bruises from rolling around in my bag, but that’s ok.

Mmm. That’s good. Smacks me with FLAVOR on the first bite. Yes, all-caps FLAVOR. This is no joke.

Acceptably crisp and reasonable juice levels. But who even cares with this lovely tart-sweet flavor going on?

I rate this apple “mm mmm satisfying” on the Not Honeycrisp scale.

Text July 25, 2014 • 2 notes

Today’s Jazz Apple

Looks good. Very red. Nicely round. Just a couple dents.

Ooo. It’s good. It’s a good sign when an apple makes me say “mmm” out loud.

Very sweet. Good flavor.

Rather crisp too! Sufficiently juicy.

I rate this apple “mmm” on the Not Honeycrisp scale.

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